Why I Wrote the Book

What is the main goal of releasing this book? What would you hope to achieve?

The main aims are to raise awareness of the barriers and negativity faced when raising a child with a disability and the impact this has on families on a day-to-day basis. To give people an understanding and knowledge how other families in a similar situation may be feeling whilst also give hope and support to parents raising a child with a disability. I would love to be able to raise awareness of the operation that has completely changed Dana’s life.

What were your motivations for writing ‘Dana’s Walk?

I have been thinking about this book for years, but there never seemed to be the right time. When I found out about the operation in America which would ultimately change Dana’s life and had already written a blog about our experience in America, the right time came, and I put pen to paper.
I still had a lot of negative feelings about Dana’s disability, with the way we had gone through the ‘system’, Dana with schooling and friends etc, and the book helped me to express these feelings.

My motivation is also to help parents in a similar situation and to give support. I want to highlight what it is like for us as a family and with Dana growing up in a world that we had no experience with. Throughout my pregnancy and after Dana was born, the attention was focused on an able-bodied world. As a new mum, finding out when my child was 13 months old that she had a disability, I felt very alone with no support.

What do you feel the message of your book is and why is it different from other books on the market?

This book gives an open and honest personal view of life with a disabled child. It’s different as other books are related to able-bodied children. This book tackles life for us as a family bringing up a child with a disability. I would like the message of this book to give the reader hope and empowerment, to never give up and never accept NO from anyone. It is also written in a way for the reader to ask themselves questions should they be in a similar situation, which will challenge their thinking. These questions are based on personal coaching should the reader wish to use them as a coaching tool. The Foreword has been written by one of the top doctors in America, who is the Neurosurgeon in Chief (Dr Park) and who operated on Dana, plus a highly experienced Physical Therapist.

What is your background?

I have a background in training and development and more recently, I have moved into coaching, setting up independently. I am a Master NLP Practitioner. I have worked in the private and public sectors and currently work with individuals and teams to achieve their desired outcomes. My aim is to make a difference, whether to assist clients to have an even better outcome, or to strive for personal development and set personal challenges and goals.
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